January 2022 Calendar Printable | Monthly Printable Calendar January 2022

Free Printable January 2022 Calendar

Hello visitors! You may be here in search of a January 2022 calendar printable monthly planner for your office and home so, welcome to the world for monthly printable calendars and we also welcome you into the new beginning for the year 2022. We all know that year starts with January month and most of the people take oaths and resolutions for the entire year. Download January 2022 Calendar Printable templates in Word, PNG, and PDF formats. Free January 2022 calendar Blank, editable, and easy to print.

Blank January 2022 Calendar Printable
January 2022 Calendar Printable | Monthly Printable Calendar January 2022

Now-a-day people are getting busier to become successful and for that, they really work hard. Just like others, you must have a plan or goal for the year 2022 and now you need a perfect action plan to achieve those goals. If you are also one of them who create an action plan for every month then download our simple and sleek printable January 2022 calendar available at no cost. We provide a printable monthly calendar for every year and any individual can download multiple copies of the calendar template without paying us. You can download January 2022 calendar in different formats such as word, excel, PNG, and PDF.

Blank January 2022 Calendar
Blank January 2022 Calendar

Symbol of January Month

Garnet is the birthstone for January which is found in every color but reddish shades are most common and Blue garnets are the rarest and also represent the constancy. If we talk about the birth flower then the cottage pink Dianthus Caryophyllales or Galanthus is the birth flower for January month. Capricorn and Aquarius are the two Zodiacs for the January month. Those who share one of these two zodiacs have full of energy and have a colorful aura. Well, if you know anyone who has a birthday in January month then download our Printable January calendar 2022.

Free Printable January Calendar 2022
Free Printable January 2022 Calendar

Let’s Know The History Of January Month

Before you start creating monthly plans and download January 2022 printable calendar, let’s know its history. January month brings joy and excitement. Many people consider the month of January to be a month of new beginnings, transitions and renewals not just because it’s the first month in Gregorian and Julian calendar, there are many reasons for it.

As per the calendar system history and roman mythology, January is named after the Roman God Janus who is the God of beginnings, gates transition, time duality, and ending. In ancient times, Roman people believed that God Janus had two faces and people also believed that one of his face sides points to the beginning because he could see the past and the other face represented the ending because he could see the future too. These two faces also represent the weather of January month in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Blank Calendar January 2022
Blank Calendar January 2022

On average, January is the coldest month of the year in the Northern hemispheres and the warmest month in the Southern hemisphere. In simple words, January in the Southern hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of July in the Northern. In the old Roman calendar, there were 10 months in the year totaling 304 days in it as January and February were not part of the calendar system.

Although March was the first month in the old Roman calendar around 713 Bc, the founder and the first king of Rome Numa Pompilius did some changes in it and added January and February months to cover a standard lunar year totaling 354 days. Then, in 450 BCE, January becomes the first month of the year and according to one of the famous German scholars and historians “Matthias Theodor Mommsen”, in 600 AUC of the Roman calendar 1 January become the first day of the year.

Blank January 2023 Calendar Printable
January 2023 Calendar Printable | Monthly Printable Calendar January 2023

January Month in Other Language

  • Chinese (Mandarin) – yiyuè
  • Spanish – Enero
  • Latin- lanuarius
  • Danish- Januar
  • French- Janvier
  • Italian- Gennaio

List of Holidays in January 2022 Calendar

New Year’s Day 2022January 1, 2022
Epiphany 2022January 6, 2022
Orthodox Christmas Day 2022January 7, 2022
Stephen Foster Memorial Day 2022January 13, 2022
Orthodox New Year 2022January 14, 2022
Lee-Jackson Day 2022January 14, 2022
Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2022January 17, 2022
Kansas Day 2022January 29, 2022


New Year’s Day

This is one of the oldest holidays people celebrate every year on the 1st day of January month. In ancient times, people used to celebrate it as an eleven-day festival from the first day of the spring season but according to one of the famous German scholars and historian “Matthias Theodor Mommsen”, in 600 AUC of the Roman calendar 1 January become the first day of the year.

We all follow the Georgian Calendar and have adopted the 1st day of January month as the common New Year day. Well, everyone has their own way to celebrate the festivals and it can vary from country to country too. Most countries celebrate the 1st January as the national holiday and in the United States of America, it is one of the Federal holidays.

Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the few federal holidays of the United States of America is martin Luther King jr Day. Well, People celebrate this day on the third Monday of every year in memory of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and achievements. King Martin was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was an advocate of non-violent protest and also the youngest man to be awarded the Nobel peace prize but sadly got assassinated in 1968. After his death, people started a campaign to make his birthday a holiday to honor him.


Printable calendar for January 2022 is high in demand and we have tried hard to create a beautiful and cute January 2022 Calendar printable for all our users. This article is full of knowledge and facts about January month. It’s our pleasure to have you on our website to download and print the Blank January 2022 Calendar. You can print multiple copies of January calendar 2022 templates in word, Excel, PDF, and PNG formats. These January Calendar templates are Free to Use and easy to access.

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