February 2022 Calendar Printable | February 2022 Monthly Planner PDF, PNG

Free Printable February 2022 Calendar

Hi, once again we are back with a super cool and stylish February 2022 calendar printable which can be printed with all the latest designs and formats. If you are one of our old users then you surely know that we create unique printable monthly calendar templates for every year. In the year 2022, we have already published January 2022 printable calendar Layout, you can also check them easily. Now, we are in the second month of the year 2022 which forced us to create a blank February 2022 calendar for all our users. If you are new to our website you can give us a try to meet your calendar needs.

February 2022 Calendar Printable
February 2022 Calendar Printable

Where to use February 2022 Calendar

As I mentioned, people can download multiple copies of the cute February 2022 calendar without paying money to anyone. We would also like to announce that we have a wide range of blank monthly printable calendars for all your upcoming events and holidays.  As we offer February 2022 Calendar in a .pdf file, you get much empty space for creating a list of upcoming wedding plans, anniversaries, birthday parties, and holidays. If you want to celebrate valentine’s week with love once then check out our 2022 February calendar which allows you to view, edit, and print the calendar with the help of .pdf software like Adobe Reader.

Blank February 2022 Calendar
February 2022 Calendar

Let’s Know the History of February Month

February is the unique month in the Gregorian and Julian calendar because it is the only month that has less the 30 days. Because February has less than 30 days there are rare chances of having a full moon in this month. However, sometimes it has 29 days too and we call it “leap year”. Leap year has an extra day in February month and it only happens after every 4 years. The last leap year was in the year 2020 and the next leap year would be in the year 2024.

Cute February Calendar 2022
February Calendar 2022

According to the calendar history, February got its name from the Latin word “Februa” which was the ancient festival to welcome the warmer month. In ancient times people used to celebrate the Februa festival every year between 13-15 February. It was believed that this ritual brings happiness to their lives also welcomes the spring season.

Printable February Calendar 2022
Printable February Calendar 2022

It is hard to believe that in the ancient Roman calendar system, February month was not the part of calendar. Before 450 BCE, people were using the old calendar which had ten months that as January and February were not part of the calendar system.  It took a long time to add these two months. Finally, in late 450 BCE, January became the first month of the year and February become that second. With the addition of these two months, a year became a total of 365 days and 366 days in a leap year.

If you believe in birthstones then you might be known that a purple gemstone known as amethyst is the birthstone for those who are born in February month. Just like the Februa festival, the Amethyst birthstone symbolizes purification. Just like a purple birthstone, February’s official flower is a violet flower that has three prominent petals with a yellow center. The official February violet flower is the symbol of Loyalty.

Symbols of February Month

  • Birthstone: Amethyst
  • Flower: Primrose
  • Zodiac Signs: Aquarius & Pisces

February Month in Other Language

  • Chinese (Mandarin) – èryuè
  • Danish – februar
  • French – février
  • Latin – Februarius
  • Italian – febbraio
  • Spanish – febrero

Historical Name of February Month

  • Roman: Februarius
  • Germanic: Hornung
  • Saxon: Sol-monath

February 2022 Calendar With Holidays

We understand that time is precious but managing it is not an easy task to do. We also understand that spending time with family and friends is important and for that, we all need a break from our busy schedules. While working in corporate industries it becomes difficult to take breaks and leave. We only get breaks on federal holidays and other major holidays and at that time we all love to spend time with family. If you are also one of those who need a perfect plan for the upcoming holiday then download February 2022 calendar with holidays in PDF or PNG format.

List of Holidays in February Month

February HolidaysDate
National Freedom DayFeb 1
Chinese New Year 2022Feb 1
First Day of Black History Month 2022Feb 1
Groundhog Day 2022Feb 2
Rosa Parks Day 2022 (California, Missouri)Feb 4
National Wear Red Day 2022Feb 4
Super Bowl 2022Feb 6
‘Lincoln’s Birthday’ observed 2022Feb 11
Lincoln’s Birthday 2022 (Florida)Feb 12
Valentine’s Day 2022Feb 14
Statehood Day 2022 (Arizona)Feb 14
Elizabeth Peratrovich Day 2022 (Alaska)Feb 16
Presidents’ Day 2022Feb 21
Linus Pauling Day 2022 (Oregon)Feb 28

February 2023 Calendar Printable

February 2023 Calendar Printable
February 2023 Calendar Printable


As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, February 2022 calendar printable is the perfect tool to handle all your daily, weekly, & monthly plans. It makes you well organized and productive. With the help of the February 2022 printable calendar, you can finish the entire task without any huddle. We offer you to download these calendar templates in multiple formats such as Word, Excel, PNG, & PDF. These 2022 February calendars are shareable too which means you can share these templates among your family and peers.

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