November 2021 Calendar With Holidays | Print November 2021 Planner

November 2021 Monthly Planner

Hello visitors, Happy to see you, as you know that November is the second last month of the year and full of holidays and amazing festivals in the whole World. Download November 2021 Calendar for office and personal use. Template for November 2021 is in different formats with Holidays. Edit & print November 2021 calendar with Holidays Planner easily in Word, Excel, PNG & PDF.

November 2021 Calendar With Holidays
November 2021 Calendar With Holidays

Printable November 2021 Calendar preview.

  • Calendar Template: Free Printable November 2021 Calendar
  • Calendar of the Year: 2021
  • Paper Orientation: Landscape
  • First day of the Week: Tuesday
  • Font: Arial Narrow
  • Print Paper: A4
  • Supported Files: PNG, JPG, Excel, Word
  • Image Resolution: 640 * 460

History about the Second last month of the year:-

In the Julian and Gregorian calendar, November is the Eleventh Month of the year consisting of 30days. In early 750bc According to Romans Calendar, it is the fifth month of the Calendar Year Consisting 31 days. It retains its Name from Latin Word “Novem” which meant NINE. When Julian and Gregorian Calendar update the two months at the beginning of the year i.e. January and February The November Be the Eleventh month of the year.

2021 November Calendar with Holidays
2021 November Calendar

Season Effect of November 2021 Calendar:-

It is the month of spring in some Geographical part of Southern Hemisphere and late Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

The United States Observances of November:-

The first Sunday (i.e. November 1) is celebrated as daylight saving time ends in the United States and Canada. First Monday (i.e. November 2) is celebrated as a recreation day holiday in Northern Tasmania. Tuesday after the first Monday is the Election Day in The United States. The first Wednesday (i.e. November 4) is celebrated as the National Healthy Eating Day.

Fixed Observances:-

November 1 is celebrated as the day of the Innocence in HAITI, Mexico and as Liberty Day in The United States.

November 2021 Printable Holidays Calendar
November 2021 Holidays Calendar


People Born in November Are Very private people they always hide their private things to their friends and family. They socialize with the world but it totally depends on their mood. But on the other hand, they are loyal to their friend’s families.

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Some interesting facts about the People Who is Born in November.

You Are not that much Pro to understand the people born in November! They are Always misunderstood because of their private nature.

They are running alone from the crowd because of their innovative nature; you can’t find the second copy of them because they are the only ones of their own kind.

Friendship of November People:-

They are the symbol of trust and loyalty as they always been with you if you have the November born People. If they are in friendship with you then they will be with you till their last breath and that is the plus point of the November born.

Use our November 2021 Calendar to create the perfect monthly plan for every task. There are many templates available and you can customize the template. Add a to-do list, checklist, grocery list, meal plan, etc. Free November Printable Calendar 2021 can be ideal for office and home.

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