October 2020 Calendar- Professional Template Printable:-

October 2020 Calendar- Professional Template Printable:-

Hey Visitors, The month October gets its name from a Latin word “OCTO” that means eight, although it is the 10th month according to the Gregorian calendar system, which is the international calendar that is considered by the whole world, it was known as the eighth month of the Roman calendar in the previous era.

October 2020 Calendar Editable
printable cute October 2020 Calendar Editable

History of October 2020 Calendar:-

It was also termed as Winterfylleth that explains its meaning as the” Fullness of Winter”, which was coined by the Anglo-Saxons because it had the first full moon of the Winter fall. This month includes a lot of festivals not only for Hindus but also for the different countries of the world.

October 2020 Calendar Printable
October 2020 Calendar Printable wallpaper

Observances of October 2020 Calendar in The United States:-

It comes with Columbus Day which is the second Monday of October, which is considered as the National day in many of the American countries.

Halloween or Hallowe’en or Allhalloween or the Saints’ Eve, which is also considered as the spooky festival for the western countries is also celebrated in October.

October 2020 Cute Calendar
October 2020 Cute Calendar To print

Observances of October 2020 Calendar In Russia:-

October month is also the landmark in Russian history because it is the month in which it marks the inception of the first communist government in Russia.

October 2020 Calendar in INDIAN CULTURE:-

The month of October includes a lot of festivals according to Hindu Mythology as well. It includes Dussehra, which is considered as the day of the victory of Truth and righteousness over evil. The day is considered a very HOLY day in the Hindu religion as Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after the elongated exile of 14 harsh years.

October 2020 Calendar PDF
October 2020 Calendar excel,PDF

Some fun Facts About October:-

There are many fun facts about October that have been stretched along in history. One of those facts

that the famous Literature writer Shakespeare never mentioned this month in any of his writings.

That is nice to know that Shakespeare had a fear of October.


One of the most important days that have a religious background as far as Hindu mythology is concerned is Navaratri Days that come right before the Holly and auspicious day of Dussehra. These days, also considered as the Devi Days are celebrated as the accession or homecoming of the Devi who is worshipped for the Nine Days and the tenth day is celebrated as Durga Puja. Durga Puja and Dussehra both come on the same day. For the Latest October 2020 Calendar Click HERE.

October 2020 Calendar Downloadable
October 2020 Calendar Downloadable desktop wallpaper

 INDIAN Festivals In this month:-

The day of Karva Chauth is also celebrated in October. This day is marked as one of the most important days for all the married women who follow Hindu Culture, as all the Hindu Women don’t even drink water for the whole day, and by doing so they seek blessing from the almighty for the long and auspicious life of their husbands. This shows the dignity and selflessness of the Hindu Women, as they don’t care for their health in doing so.


The nine days of the Navaratri is worshipped with the nine different incarnations of the Durga Maa, who is considered as the Devi of power, strength, knowledge, and prosperity. The people worship her the nine days, the do fasting in these days to please Devi, seeking her blessings.

The month of October also holds a very special place In Indian history. On this day, the father of the nation, aka Mahatma Gandhi was born who is considered as one of the best leaders by the whole world, who took the nation with him and help in conquering independence from Britishers.

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